Privacy Policy Wopic

Data collected in Wopic

Newando is committed to not collecting personally identifiable or sensitive information about you. Wopic does collect some non-sensitive, anonymous data as outlined below:

Data collected for Analytics
We have implemented Analytics tools to help us understand how our games are being used in order to help us improve our games and plan for future game releases. For example we use  Google Analytics which keep track of how many players have beaten each level of the game, made an in-app purchase, device type, operating system and country of access.

Data collected for Advertising
Because Wopic is free-to-play, we periodically display in-game advertising by third parties to generate revenue. In order to display relevant advertising (also known as interest based advertising) and measure performance of advertising campaigns we have implemented several ad-network SDK within the game which collect and transfer non-sensitive device information including:

  • The advertisement you have viewed and if you have engaged with it
  • Device make and manufacturer
  • Operating System
  • Generic geographic location, such as the city you are located in
  • Carrier
  • Language settings
  • IP Address
  • Android Advertising identifier or Apple Identifier for Advertisers

Why collect data?
By collecting data on app usage and about your device , we are better able to integrate updates, implement device specific testing, and improve Wopic.

When we offer Wopic as free-to-play, we still require the game to generate income to help fund development costs and efforts to make the best game possible. Advertising is one way we can help cover our costs, and in order to implement relevant advertising a certain amount of non-sensitive information is required by each ad network.

What happens if I log into Facebook?
Wopic will allow you to login to Facebook. If you grant publish permissions you can post your score and partecipate to the leaderboards with your friends. Moreover allowing publish permissions you get some bonuses while playing to Wopic.
Any data about you and your friends full name, gender or friends will not be stored on our server.

The use of Facebook Login is completely optional, and you must hold a valid Facebook account, which also means you should be above the age of 13 to use this service. If you believe someone under the age of 13 is using this service, you can contact us so we can remove this data from our server.

Opt Out
By playing Wopic you are consenting to the above collection of anonymous, non-sensitive data as outlined in this privacy policy.

If you would like to opt-out of interest based advertising or collection of data for analytics, or find out more information of any Analytics or Ad network products implemented within Wopic, please refer to the relevant links below (please note that individual privacy policies may be updated from time to time for any reason)

Google Analytics
Privacy Policy

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us at

Last updated 21 July 2016